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On this page you can find news reports about the work of MPT, our members and our allies. On occasion, we will also post other informative reports about Iraq.

Minnesotans and Iraqis work together for reconciliation ~February 2009

Iraqi MPs ask government to investigate child-trafficking ~November 2008

U hosts international art exhibit ~October 2008

Iraqi artists star in Powderhorn exhibit ~September 2008

A Bridge to Peace ~May 2008

Iraqi Peace Activist Speaks in Rhinelander ~April 2008

Making a Living in Iraq ~February 2008

Food and Water In Iraq ~February 2008

Freezing in Iraq ~February 2008

Iraqi Art in Minnesota ~September 2007

Waging Peace: Muslim Peacemaker Team in New Orleans ~July 2006

Iraq: Eyewitness to Occupation ~June 2006

In Iraq, These Peacemakers Shun Guns ~November 2005

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