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Water Filtration Project in Najaf

MPT-Iraq: Water Filtration Project in NajafOn Thursday, Feb 7th (2008) Muslim Peacemakers Team (MPT) was able with your generous donated funds to stir a storm of love, excitement, and joy amongst teachers and young students of a local elementary school in Najaf city called Al Hiwariyoon.

Ameer, a young male technician has installed a single Chinese made water purification system (BEST). Ameer and his co-owner Mazen claim this brand is the best in the market. I found out about their new shop accidentally at the neighborhood where I live in Najaf. Ameer, who is a 21 year old college student and working part time at Yanbee'a Al-Khair (The Goodness of the Water Springs) has offered MPT an extended warranty, free maintenance, and free transportation for 6 months with an additional $10 he supplied the school with three more filters needed for another 6 months. "No need for an extra water tank because the system needs to be connected to the main city water pipe supply for a sufficient pressure" The co-owner Mazen explained. The capacity of the purified water supplied by BEST is 189 liters a day and the system is equipped with a 16 liter tank that continues to be filled as long as the system is running. Filters should be changed after 3000 Gallons of purified water are consumed.

On Friday, Feb 8th, 2008, the Mid-Year 2 week school break began. Students will be back to school on the February 24th and will stay until the end of May. Afterwards, the summer break will begin for 3 months. Most of the schooling season takes place during winter season in Iraq. The consumption of drinking water stays minimal during this time, but if we calculate the need of drinking water for the almost 387 students of Al-Hiwariyoon Ele School during 8 months of the school year and an additional similar number of students for the hosting school, Al-Anasar elementary school, we will definitely need to upgrade BEST PWS to the next level of 750 liters a day capacity system equipped with a 50 liter water tank. The other option is that we can use the largest size of BEST WPS available at Yanabee'a Al-Khair with production capacity of 1500 liters per day sold at $900. The two schools are sharing one building due to the lack of sufficient buildings and schools exchange shifts during the day from 8am until 5pm.

The current installed BEST WPS is good enough for Al-Hiwariyoon Ele School until the end of the school year. MPT staff members are assigned to follow up and supervise the operation of the project to assure it's success and viability.

Your care and contributions have drawn much affection, smiles, and happiness on many faces, hearts, and minds of Iraqi children and adults. We should realize that violence hinders evolution for better life that mankind on this earth is striving for.

MPT bought 3x4 meters of carpet for the female school workers room which cost $40. It was paid from the remaining balance of your donation. MPT provided light meals and refreshments for school staff and technician during the time of the installation of the system. Teachers of Al-Hiwariyoon, Mazen, and Ameer of Yanbee'a Al-Khair have expressed their interest to join MPT work in Iraq. There are more than 500 schools of all kinds and about 20 hospitals and clinics in the city of Najaf. MPT has assigned a team to support your future Iraq Water Project expansion plans on the ground at any time and place throughout Iraq.

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