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Water for Peace

"Only 30 percent of children nationwide have access to safe drinking water in Iraq, and only 20 percent of people outside Baghdad have a working sewerage service." ~UN Children's Fund.

Your school, church, or community could supply a school or hospital in Iraq with clean fresh drinking water. The province of Najaf (population 1.2 million) lies 100 miles south of Baghdad. Approximately 500 schools, as well as 20 hospitals and clinics in Najaf, are in desperate need of water filtration systems. The main water system in Najaf is gradually being restored, but the water is contaminated with bacteria from sewage. It cannot be used for drinking. Thus, school children and others are forced to drink contaminated water.

The Muslim Peacemaker Teams (MPT) has found an Iraqi supplier who sells three different sized water purifications systems at a cost of $250, $500 and $1,000 that provide 189, 750 or 1,500 liters of fresh water per day. The smallest filtration system could supply clean water for a school of approximately 100 students; the largest filtration system could supply a 200-bed hospital with adequate clean water. Each system of the three will need a small electrical generator that cost $250.

The prices quoted above include the cost of shipping, installation and filters for six months. Hopefully, this project will be the beginning of a relationship between your school, church or community and the school, clinic or hospital receiving the water filtration system. You could send photos and letters from students or others explaining why you are doing this and receive photos and responses from the receiving school, clinic or hospital.

Every school in Iraq should have clean drinking water. Schools, churches and communities in the United States can make that happen. If you know of a student, teacher, school, church or community that might be interested in helping with this Water for Peace project, please contact:

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