Moldavite Jewelry

Moldavite is a unique gemstone. Moldavite is a rare gem. It was formed between 15 and 20 millions years ago by the impact of a meteorite shower. Moldavite for sale is an extra-terrestrial “gem quality” rock.

The impact heat and pressure caused by the meteorite material melted them and they were then catapulted back into Earth’s atmosphere. These meteorites fell back towards Earth and began to fragment, scattering hundreds of kilometers in the Moldau River Valley. It is located north of Prague, Czechoslovakia. Moldavite’s unique surface sculpture was created by the friction between the atmosphere and the cooling magma from the meteorites.

Moldavite is scientifically classified to be a member the Tektite group. The Greek word tekto means “molten” and the term Tektite comes from it. This term refers to a type natural glass that is formed when meteorites strike the earth at high pressure and temperatures. Only a narrow band of about 80 degrees along the equator is where tektites can be found.

Tektites are often black due to their heavily pitted surfaces. When held against strong light sources, you can often see translucent and golden areas near the edges.

There have been tektites found in Thailand, Australia and Vietnam. Moldavite is only found in Czechoslovakia’s Moldau River Valley. Moldavite, a rare gem stone, is extremely hard to find. It is highly prized for its unique deep green color and clarity.

The powerful metaphysical energy of Moldavite has been known for centuries. Moldavite jewelry was a gift from the Middle Ages to the kings and queens. You can now experience the incredible energies of “the Stone of Transformation” for yourself.

Moldavite’s energy can be felt even by people who are not usually sensitive to stones. The most common sensations are heat emanating from the stone and pulsating, tingling energies.

Moldavite’s powerful energies are able to help you break through past patterns and limitations.

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